An assisted living facility can offer a new lease on life for seniors who can no longer live on their own. More than 100 communities exist in Houston and 1,300+ in Texas, all varying in size, culture, cost and services. Finding the right fit can feel overwhelming. These 5 tips will help you find the best assisted living facility for your loved one.

1. Location.  Regular contact with family and friends is very important to seniors’ quality of life. Give extra points to assisted living near family so that everyone’s needs are met, and so you spend more time visiting than driving.

2. Size and services offered.  Most assisted living communities provide grooming assistance, medication management, housekeeping, dining and wellness programs. You will need to ask about support for specific health needs, such as memory care or rehabilitation.  Ask for the schedule for quality-of-life activities, from music and art to pet therapy and community outings as recreational and socialization services vary widely. Larger facilities usually provide more amenities, such as swimming pools or movie theaters, while smaller ones offer a more intimate, home-like setting with a lower staff-to-resident ratio. Consider and rank your loved one’s social needs, interests and care needs before deciding on the best fit.

3. Transitioning to higher level of care.  Moving to an assisted living community might be already a big step for your loved one (and a time-consuming process for you), so be sure you consider the long-term picture. What level of care might your parent require in a year or two? A continuing-care community, where seniors can move seamlessly between levels of care with the comfort and familiarity of staff and community they now call home, may be the best option for both of you.

4. Cost.  Most residents cover the cost of assisted living through a combination of different resources and assets, including support from their adult children, so it’s imperative to understand all the expenses upfront. Once you’ve narrowed your top choices, contact the facilities to get cost estimates. You don’t want your parent to fall in love with a community that isn’t financially feasible.

5. Culture.  Visit your top choices, talk to staff and residents, attend a meal if possible, and get a sense of each community’s culture. Watch for evidence that the employees enjoy their work and have warm relationships with current residents to make sure the assisted living facility offers a loving, respectful environment for your loved one.

Selecting the assisted living community for your aging parent is never easy. Being realistic about what’s most important now and in the future will help you choose the best new home for someone you love. Have questions or like to book at tour of The Medallion Jewish Assisted Living ResidenceContact us today.

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